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Working With Us

FRP utilizes a wide range of the top broker firms to market its portfolio.  

The various brokers and large broker network enables FRP to stay on top of past, current, and future market conditions and trends.  Our team receives market reviews and updates from several different authors and allows the FRP team to understand the intricacies of global and local markets.  Our opinions of “fair market value” and “fair market rental rates” are derived from a combination of third-party opinions of the market and FRP’s internal knowledge of actual construction costs.  This knowledge allows FRP to quickly assess a deal, provide Letters of Intent for consideration, and to facilitate renewals, expansions, and relocations.




  • Build to Suit

    Build to Suit

    FRP is a turnkey build-to-suit developer. We not only deliver a space designed to your specific requirements, but also act as a means for financing of the project. Our team is ready to collaborate with yours in order to develop an efficient, and cost effective occupancy strategy.

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  • Shell Buildings

    Shell Buildings

    FRP develops, owns and manages its properties, meaning we have a vested interest in the quality and longevity of our buildings. Our knowledgeable development team understands the high level of construction that is expected from them, and each of our projects reflects this standard.

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  • Interiors


    FRP’s Interiors division understands your requirements, and has the experience and dedication needed to deliver results beyond your expectations.

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